Mafia Online

Mafia Online (also known as MO, or PMO) is a text based mafia game based on the Laravel framework.

The game currently have nearly 1,000 registrations, as of December 2018, having launched in August 2018.

A quick overview of the technology and features included in versions 1 and 2;

  • Laravel
  • Laravel Passport
  • Vue
  • Sockets via Pusher
  • Integration with Discord
  • Integration with PayPal
  • Auction System
  • Market System
  • Community Forum
  • Solo-play activities
  • Multiplayer activities (co-operative)
  • Player vs Player activities
  • Leaderboards and basic content management system
  • User muting and banning system with moderation controls
  • Businesses and background activities
  • Character skills and attributes system

I am not currently seeking additional developers or beta testers on this project, due my belief that it is more fair to allow the active players of the game to fulfil this task.

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