I’m Matt, or Johno, I am in my late 20s, I’m a software engineer and architect, a doting Dad to my 4 year old son (Leo) and loving fiance to my better half, Felicity.

I currently work as the Senior Systems Architect for Progressive Property. Naturally, any opinions shared on my blog or socials are my own.

I have been working in this industry since around 2008. In that time I have worked for, and with, everything from startups, tech firms, and software as a service providers, through to financial institutions and multi-billion dollar global corporations.

I am passionate about digital transformation, open source, and freedom of the internet. I am an advocate of the rights of all people. In my spare time I practice Karate with my son at Karate Jutsu Peterborough where I hold a 1st Dan Black Belt, I follow boxing (hate football), lead as active and outdoorsy a lifestyle as possible with my family, and casually game (usually World of Warcraft).