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Why pessimism is critical to technological success

Hello everyone, The point I would like to make in this argument is to combat the negative light in which technical leads can appear, when being openly pessimistic. I want to dispel any concepts or perceptions that this is because the person has a negative outlook, wants to block progress, or anything similar; because ultimately that’s not (usually) the case. Side point: Some “old hat” IT professionals can be negative and resistant to change, usually with years of experience to back it up, sometimes this can be overbearing, this article is specifically related to programming and web development, as opposed…

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Layering Software Design

This is a quick-ish article about layering software design, and how to achieve layering in ways which are consistent and useful for the maintainability of your source code. I have seen it done badly I have also seen it done very well, but I thought it was worth covering. Throughout my career I have seen lots of software designs, great. Flow charts and diagrammatic representations of software designs. At this point I think “Great, I can follow this!” – and then I see the code, and the layering is impossible to decipher, and is seemingly only existent in the designer/architect’s…

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RESTful APIs – An accurate description

Hi everyone Today I thought I would do a quick post to cover RESTful APIs, and what they are. The reason for this article is that I have, on numerous occasions, encountered developers (and indeed whole teams) who have misunderstood this concept at its very core. This causes a number of problems, firstly if you don’t understand RESTful APIs fundamentally, you’re likely to encounter integration issues quite early on. Secondly, unfortunately, if you’re a candidate interviewing for a role and haven’t understood what a RESTful API is properly, you’ll come unstuck in interview. What RESTful is not (necessarily) A buzzword…


Bringing OOP functionality into WordPress

So if, like me, you’re an object orientated programmer and are suddenly asked to build functionality into WordPress it can feel like you’re trapped into procedural code and functions. Consequently; I thought I would whip up a little tutorial of how to work within WordPress, whilst maintaining your OOP integrity. The reason this is important is quite simple, if you’re building complex functionality into WordPress, you want to be able to use OOP principles and methodologies. Don’t worry or get confused, themes vs plugins Essentially, these are the same thing! They use the same library of code, the APIs you…

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6 tools I couldn’t live without

Hi everyone So today I thought I would do a quick post, as it has now been just over a year since I started as the Senior Systems Architect at Speed Agency. We’ve had an amazing year, seeing the design, development, and delivery of a number of bespoke systems, including our own modular content management system. Of course, to achieve all this we use a whole bunch of tools. Here I thought I would summarise my favourite; #1 Digital Ocean Now, I know there are competitors out there, however I haven’t used them. The reasons I love Digital Ocean can…

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