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Hey everyone

I decided to do a Podcast, alongside my super quick tutorials which I’ll be publishing shortly. This is really to help non-tech people collaborate best with tech people, but explaining tech concepts in a bite-sized way.

Anyway I’ll not say too much on it, I’ll link you to my Podcast here – you can subscribe using all the usual places (currently Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and a few more are pending, too)


Hi everyone, I say “everyone”, “hi” to the two people and the Labrador who’s got this on to keep them company. My name’s Johno and this podcast is Big Tech On Point #btop because apparently socials are well important.

So what this Podcast is about is taking concepts from big technology and teaching them to you in a bitesize way in like five or ten minutes just so that when you try to collaborate with tech people or teams or whoever, you’ve got some background knowledge and understanding so that you can really make the most of those collaborations. And to help you defend yourself against the bullshit that baffles brains, this is a podcast for adults, I’ve just dropped my first cuss, we are less than a minute in. I’m not going to apologise, because you’re adults.

But this podcast really isn’t for tech people it’s for business people and people that have ventures or people that are trying to do something like a side hustle or a big business that don’t have the resources to go and hire a £5,000 a day consultant to tell them what they need to do.

So what we’re going to do is give you some bitesize snapshot snippets of information. Now it’s not for tech people, now obviously tech people you’re welcome to tune in if you want to drop a like or follow or subscribe or whatever that would be cool, you’re all welcome to do that, not just the tech nerds. There might be some stuff that I deliberately miss out some details, or I glance over it. Because this isn’t about giving you 10 years of experience or a degree or whatever, I don’t actually have a degree maybe we’ll cover that in a different episode. This is about taking real world stuff, from the tech sphere and bringing it in such a way, that people, who probably don’t really have an interest in tech, beyond probably making some money with it or doing the thing they love with it and allowing you to take that information and be able to collaborate with people better and understand some stuff.

A lot of these episodes are kind of anecdotal, this is where I’ve had a friend, a brother in law, a colleague, a peer, whatever, they’ve kind of called me or they’ve messaged me or we’ve spoken on LinkedIn or they’ve emailed me or whatever and I’m explaining something for them about the tech industry and helping them along with their journey. And I do that, relatively often, and honestly I do it because I care about people, and particularly about people I know, and I want to help them.

The reason I’m doing this Podcast is because I think actually I might be able to help a few more people, and also when I get asked the same samey questions I can say go and check out this episode of my Podcast because I’m kind of a big deal now, which is obviously bullshit because I’m not. As I say, to the two people and the Labrador; thanks for listening.

So yeah, this was just the introduction, we’ll move onto some proper content. I’m going to try and drop two episodes today, so I’m going to drop this one to tell you kind of who I am, and I will also drop an actual episode with some actual content. But, I’m Johno this is Big Tech on Point, and I’ll see you next time.

I'd love to hear your opinion on what I've written. Anecdotes are always welcome.

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