There is every chance, being on my website, that you would like to find out more about the kind of work that I do. You can learn about my methodologies and the way that I like to work from my blog, but you may be looking for something more tangible.

Case Studies

I am starting to put together case studies of projects that I have worked on in the past, to give examples of the things that I have achieved through my career. I am hoping to get these published really soon. They will have identities redacted.


I have always been someone who has used my spare time to enhance my technical capabilities, through building side projects. It is something which I find fun, rewarding, and which has a tangible benefit to my employers.

Open Source

As time goes on I intend on investing more time into open source projects. There are a number of benefits of doing open source work, such as giving back to the community and having your work in the open, for everybody to see, and critique.

This section of my website should be ready soon.


Of course, everything that you do earns experience. My work experience is below, to give some clarity to the places that I have worked and the things that I have done.

Senior Systems Architect – Progressive Property (Current Role)

May 2019 – Present

Responsible for internal and mission information systems, as well as inspiring and leading internal digital transformations.

Senior PHP Developer – Asset TV

February 2019 – May 2019 Part Remote

Responsible for development and standardisation of implementation of microservice architecture, as well as implementing Git strategy and developing systems for high performance.

Senior Systems Architect – Speed Agency

April 2017 – February 2019 Part Remote

Head of Digital Department and development management. During my time at Speed Agency I was responsible for our Software Development Life Cycle, the stability of our production environments, and the development of our bespoke, Laravel-based, modular Content Management System.

PHP Developer – Marmalade

January 2017 – April 2017

Development of web-based internal systems within a bespoke MVC architecture, notable projects include development of a commission and clawback calculation system, capable of handling revenue gates, transaction-based commission ratings, and reporting.

Contracting & Laravel Development

May 2016 – January 2017

Contracting and freelancing as a PHP and Laravel developer.

PHP Developer (Contract) – Cambridge University (Judge Business School)

May 2016 – November 2016 Part Remote

As the only PHP developer within the business, I was responsible for architecting and delivering systems which integrated with internal systems and Moodle installations.

PHP Developer – ParentMail

October 2014 – August 2015

Working on new feature development within a bespoke API which powered web and native applications. Notable projects during this time include the standardisation of daemon processes, and development of a prioritised notification service.

PHP Developer – Property Logic

May 2014 – October 2014

Web Developer – DriveStyle Insurance

October 2013 – May 2014

Digital Manager – Speed Agency

May 2012 – 13 September 2013

Website Producer – Johnston Press PLC

November 2010 – April 2012

Freelance Web Design & Developer

May 2009 – November 2010