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This page was always intended to be a bit of a highlight of some of my personal projects, and it will still continue to be. It’s just a bit difficult to actually commit time to any one of them as I always have so many things on.

Anything Open Source I do I am going to put onto my GitHub (@johnothecoder) – that may well be more up to date than this page.

I built a NotificationService boilerplate you might like though, it’s on GitHub. I made it with the intention of using it on some projects, but it was so generic I thought I might as well just publish it.

In addition to everything I work on as part of my role at Speed Agency I am also currently working on the following projects:

Studio Prices – this is not my own project, but I am doing the web development and integration work. The site/software is a comparison site for DJ and Studio equipment. (Laravel)

Gangster London Online – Quite a few years ago I built a text based mafia game, my inner geek loved this stuff when I was younger. This is just to prove to myself that I could do it better this time, more scalable, more secure, higher performing. This is build on Laravel.